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  Karen Hott is recognized as an independent educational consultant by the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC). As an independent educational consultant, she has coached students from Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, and Queen Anne’s counties to


What’s it cost? Free half-hour consultation. If you aren’t sure you need the services of an essay coach, I can meet with you and your parents to discuss how I might be of help. At that point, you can decide

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A free half-hour consultation is available upon request.  Because I prefer to work with students in person, I primarily serve the Annapolis area and Eastern Shore of Maryland; however, ask about arrangements I can make if you are located more

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Parent Testimony

I know Ned and I have found this process to be extremely helpful and painless for us. I am a good writer and do it for a living, and my kids are used to me editing their work, but I didn’t think either of them would be as cooperative with or responsive to my suggestions as they would be with an outsider. You have established credibility working with this age group, writing college recommendations and as a writer to draw on for you coaching, and that shows in how Philip has followed up on your recommendations. College and scholarship essays have so much riding on them that an objective party working with Philip has made us all confident that his essays are the best they can be while still being his own product. The essay can’t be written at the eleventh hour on October 31 for a November 1 deadline, especially if you want to accurately convey who you are and why you should be admitted to that college. And for sure the writing instruction you are giving him is useful beyond his college essays – his high school senior year, college and into the workforce.

Jerri Kamiker

Student Testimony

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ms. Hott for encouraging, guiding, and improving my writing skills. As a previous English and newspaper student of Ms. Hott’s, I was happy to have her input and interpretation of how my writing would be perceived by colleges. She knows what she’s talking about and I respect her opinion. We discussed my chosen topic, brainstormed how to approach it, and generated ideas on how to make my essay engaging. Of course, Ms. Hott also pointed out any and all grammatical and punctuation errors that presented themselves along the way. Collaborating with such a knowledgeable and detail-oriented coach really increased my confidence in my final paper. The time spent with Ms. Hott was the most valuable in polishing my essay into something I was proud to submit to several extremely competitive colleges.

~Lindsey Mountcastle, Class of 2018

Student Testimony

I came in with a lot of experience but Ms. Hott really nudged me to excellence. She encourages your writing and doesn't try to rewrite it. ~Philip B, Class of 2017

The Road to College

The process of getting from high school to college can be daunting, but you can break the process down into manageable steps. •Create accounts for yourself on commonapp.org and collegeboard.org, and explore those websites for valuable information and suggestions. •Visit college campuses and try to get a feel for what excites you. Talk to students on campus, eat in the dining hall, check out freshman housing. •Consider purchasing or borrowing a college guide like Princeton Review's or U.S. News and World Report so that you can do quick comparisons of costs, size, admission requirements, and selectivity.